Since 1964 as a manufacturer’s agency for the measurement and control industry, M. L. Johnson Company has always represented the finest, most reliable instrumentation. But, we’ve accumulated much more than experience and technological know-how. We’ve developed the company point of view that there’s a lot more to solving our customer’s problems than simply providing hardware. We believe in providing answers. Ideas. Solutions to measurement and control problems that could actually save money in the short term as well as the future. And it’s this added value that makes M. L. Johnson Company the perfect resource for engineers, technicians and plant managers who’d rather outthink their problems than outspend them.

As application experts in the areas of flow, level, pressure and temperature, we’ve been called upon to help our customers find solutions to a wide variety of often complex problems and difficult applications.

In every one of these challenges of industrial measurement and control, M. L. Johnson’s experienced Sales Engineers have provided the right technology for the application, while utilizing every opportunity to help our customers discover new, more efficient ways of making a system work better. And, in most of these cases, the most effective instrument has not been the most expensive instrument.

If you’d like to experience the difference over forty years in the business can make to your next measurement and control challenge, give M. L. Johnson Company a call. Compare our solutions, service, delivery and technology to whatever your current supplier has to offer. You might find out your next problem can be solved with big ideas, instead of big dollars.