Berthold On Line Moisture, Concentration and Total Solids Measurement. Nuclear Level Gauges--Bulk Solids Flow
Blancett Liquid Turbine Meters
Cameron Electronic & Pneu. Instruments, Indicators, & Switches, Recorders, Flow Computers, Smart Transmitters, Barton Products
QPS Flow Primary Devices, Orifice Plates & Flanges, Venturis, Nozzles, Meter Tubes
Differential Pressure Plus Low Cost DP Gauges and DP Switches
Free Flow Fabricated Flumes and Weirs for Open Channel Flow
Fluid Components, Intl. Thermal Dispersion Flow & Level Switches, Mass Flow Meters for Gases
Greyline Instruments Doppler Flow, Ultra-Sonic Level, Open Channel & Flow
Krohne Mag Meters, Coriolis Meters, Radar Level
Liquid Controls Magmeters, PD Meters
SeaMetrics Water Flow & Paddle Wheel Meters
SeaMetric's Flow Calculator Download SeaMetric's Flow Calculator
Systems for Industry Averaging Pilot Tubes